Hi. I’m Frankie.

Dog Lady | Photographer | Lover of Haribo

A bit about me

Unashamedly dog obsessed!

I can’t cook without making a mess

I love a cuppa in the morning (got to be a milky one!)

I'd live in my dressing gown and slippers, if it was socially acceptable to wear in public

Love the colour mustard

I’m a hoarder and regularly buy things I don’t really need. Stationery being number one

I snort when I laugh too hard

I’m a self confessed binge watcher

Got to love a bit of trashy TV #marriedatfirstsight

My fave foods…

Meet my monsters

My life in photos!

Being outdoors with my pooches is my happy place

Going for a joy ride in a golf buggy on your wedding day is totally a must!

You can't beat staffy kisses

If your dog is at your wedding I will be taking a selfie with them! I make no apologies for the 100s of dog photos in your final gallery!

You'll often find me gobbling sweet treats and goodies at the food trucks

I could live off ice cream

I can't edit without a dog watching me or a dog on my lap. They're just so nosey!

Don't be surprised to find a secret selfie in your guest book!

I love getting involved and being part of your day. But I totally appreciate a bit of personal space. Unlike leo!

They make me smile every single day. Without fail

My inspiration

In 2023 I lost my mum. She was a fierce warrior. The most kind, supportive, selfless and passionate person I have ever known. She gave her all, unconditionally and without hesitation.

My mum was my biggest cheerleader and if I can be just half the woman she was then I know I’ll do her proud. I love you mum.

I totally understand the power of telling your story. To not let your memories fade. It’s your legacy and you deserve to remember it, always.