How I work

If you’re looking for an Essex wedding photographer who loves big laughs and unstaged moments, I could be the photographer for you!

Bride walking down the aisle with her mother at The Beacon Kent wedding venue
Bride and Groom looking at each other as the sunsets on their wedding day
Bride laughing with her bridesmaids at the Beacon Kent wedding venue

my style

My style is best described as “documentary” meaning I will photograph your day with as little interference as possible. Basically, I capture people just as they are!

You want your wedding photos to make you look and feel AWESOME and to be fun and natural. I want your photographs to feel like you. All of the love, laughter and happiness, all the planned moments you knew were going to happen and all of the spontaneous surprises you never expected!

With me, there will be no forced, cheesy or awkward smiles. Pinky promise! 

I photograph real people in real moments so your photos will be a true reflection of you and your amazing day. I mix beautiful scenes, amazing people and once in a lifetime moments to create something that is as awesome, unique and authentic as you.

We are both so blown away by our wedding photos. They are absolutely stunning!


I’m guessing you might have a few questions!
Below are a few of the most common Q&A’s to help you out.

Have a different kinda question? Feel free to drop me an e-mail at francesca@flowtography.co.uk or give me a call on 07581 042886 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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How would you describe your photography style?

I am a massive lover of photographing real, bold and colourful things. Your photos will be totally natural, fun and awesome. And definitely not forced, stuffy or awkward. I won’t be thrusting a camera (or anything else for that matter) in your face at any point. Instead I’ll blend in to the background – you won’t feel like you’re being followed by the paparazzi because most of the time you won’t even know I’m there. I’ll be in the background capturing all of those awesome moments as they unfold. The ones you can’t force or re-create. Those are the moments that matter the most.

I heard we get an engagement photo shoot too, what is it though?

I include an engagement/couple photo shoot free of charge for each of my wedding couple. It’s a great excuse for us to meet up before your wedding, have another gossip over a cup of coffee and go over all of the details and timings for your day. I can answer any questions you might have, we can chat about any “must have” shots you would like and then we do your couple photo shoot. It will also show you that having your photo taken isn’t as painful as you think it will be. Trust me, you’ll feel like a pro!

Do you take group shots?

It’s entirely up to you! I usually do a few group shots (we go through which ones you would like before your big day arrives) because Granny loves having the family photos to keep (and I never want to upset Granny!) But on the flip side, if you don’t want any formal family photos then that’s totally cool too. 

Do you charge a travel fee?
Nope! All my prices include travel costs so you don’t have to worry about any nasty hidden charges.
Can we meet you before we decide if we want to book?
Hell yes! I would totally love to meet you, have a good chinway, chat about dogs and hear all about you and your wedding plans. Plus I can show you some wedding albums at the same time and it’s a good excuse to have a coffee and a cheeky slice of cake!
But I don't like having my photo taken. Can you help?!

Don’t panic, you’re not alone! You will be surprised how many people feel the same. There’s no need to worry at all; it won’t be painful I promise. I won’t be shoving my camera in your face all day; in fact most of the time you won’t even know I’m taking your photo. The majority of your photos are taken from a distance so they are totally natural and “in the moment”. The most formal part is when we do your family photos which literally takes 15 minutes. Then we’ll shoot off to do your couple shots which couple photos which only takes up 20 minutes of your day. I won’t ask you to pose for hours on end or smile awkwardly at the camera. Your couple photos will be full of fun, be colourful and totally chilled. All stress free. And most importantly, no cheesy smiles or awkward posing in sight, pinky promise!

How long do we have you for?

As long as you need me! That’s right. I don’t put a set time limit on your wedding day. Generally speaking I’ll be with you for around 8-10 hours. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less. It all depends on the timeline for your wedding. One thing that’s certain though, there are no hidden fees and I don’t charge any extra money if your wedding timeline slips behind a little bit.

When will we get our wedding photos?
6-8 weeks after your big day you will be invited to my home studio for your big photo reveal! This is when you will see all of your beautiful wedding photos for the first time. If you have opted for a wedding album or wall art then we will also design this during your viewing. After your photo reveal you will be able to take home your A4 proof book and your online gallery will be activated so you can show off your wedding photos to all you friends and family right away!
How many photos do we get?

I’m fairly certain you don’t want 2,000 photos of your wedding cake or table plan! So I make sure every photo I take counts and showcases the story of your day. They’ll all be unique and different so you’ll love looking back through each and every one. The final number of photos can vary depending on what you’ve got going on during your day. But as a rough idea, for a full day of wedding photography, you will receive around 800 awesome images.

How do we book you?
If you decide you want me as your wedding photographer (awesome!) and want to go ahead with booking, then I will send you across simple booking form and details for my £300 booking fee. As soon as the booking fee has been paid then I’m all yours. It’s as simple as that!