It’s ok to have a bit of a bad day

May 24, 2020 | Wedding Tips

groom laughing at best man speech at Pontlands Park in Essex

Not exactly a wedding specific post but I had a bit of a mare today. So I thought I would share it with you because you know what, it’s ok to have a bit of a bad day.

I planned on being really productive today. I had my little “to-do” list all set out ready to go. My alarm went off, I woke up nice and early, feeling positive and set about smashing my goals for the day… But then I ended up spending far too much time in a virtual battle with my wedding website to the point where I almost threw my computer out the window. Fine computer, I admit defeat. You win.

Technology 1 – Francesca 0

I then proceeded to have a fight with the rose bush in my garden (no that is not a euphemism for something naughty). One of my dogs threw up on the cream carpet because he decided eating grass seemed like a really smart idea (it clearly wasn’t). I didn’t get any of the things done that I actually wanted to do today and to top it all off, I ended up burning the broccoli I was cooking for dinner.

I didn’t even know you could burn broccoli, but evidently you can.

Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself
it’s ok to have a bit of a bad day.

groom shocked as his phone goes off during wedding vows Maison Talbooth Essex wedding photography
Shock horror, I know!

It’s easy to let things get the better of you every once in a while. After all, we’re only human. But in the grand scheme of things, all those little hick-ups aren’t the end of the world. I can sort my website another day when tech lingo doesn’t get the better of me (damn you complicated html coding). My dog is happy, healthy and grass free. I can find a plant pot to cover the sick stained carpet (no-one will ever notice). And who wants broccoli for dinner anyway? Take-away for the win!

Tomorrow is a fresh start and to quote the awesome D:ream… things can only get better.

My point is, bad days happen. But it’s ok if things don’t quite go to plan. There’s no point letting it stress you out, just take a deep breath, embrace the madness and (to quote a rather irritating animated film theme tune) just let it go.

(You now won’t be able to get that song out of your head #sorrynotsorry)

So keep on smiling! Don’t let the little hick-ups spoil your day. Even the things that seem like monumental disasters at the time, they never seem so bad when you look back on them. Most of the time, they make for a damn good story down the pub!

And you know what? Most of all, remember no-one is perfect. And it’s ok to not be ok. Talk about it with your BFF or your family – I always love a good chinwag so feel free to give me a shout!

Bring on the weekend when we can all dance around the living room in our pyjamas with a large glass of wine (because that’s totally acceptable these days).


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