I totally get how hard it is to pick your wedding photographer.

By now I bet you’ve looked at hundreds of different photography websites and the faces of each photographer have all started to blur into one big mess. That can potentially be the thing nightmares are made of, so I’m here to help make everything a little less muddled.

You’re in the right place if you want a photographer who really gets “you”; who won’t drag you around for hours taking couple shots or family formals that feel more like a Police line-up. You want someone who will blend in with your guests and document all of those amazing moments so you can look back at your photos when you’re older (and no doubt a little greyer) and relive every single memory like it was yesterday. 

So let’s do this and see if I’m the one that you want!
(ooo, ooo, ooo, honey… needs to be sung in the style of Sandy from Greece with a little hip wiggle for full effect)



YOU DON’t WANT awkward smiles or cheesey poses. You want real. It’s all about the love, laughter and crazy dance moves.


You’re a fun loving couple who wants a chilled, laid-back wedding where the emphasis is on living in the moment, enjoying all of the things you love the most and just having a damn good time.

You don’t want to stand around for hours on end, smiling constantly at a camera until your cheeks hurt while your guests gobble up all of your canapés and Prosecco. No-one wants that.

You want to soak up every single moment of your wedding day, just as it happens. To spend time with the people you love the most surrounded by all the things that make you happy. To not have to worry about a thing, living your wedding dream and having a blast, totally safe in the knowledge that every detail of your big day is being documented discreetly by a pro.

Francesca is friendly and very easy going. Francesca just blended in, she was excellent at herding the crowds, she kept me calm and had boundless energy. We feel very lucky and privileged to have had Francesca with us on our wedding day. Thank you so much for everything. The memories you captured will be treasured forever.




Real, fun & never awkward photography


I document your wedding day through natural, awesome photos that you’re going to adore forever. I won’t be thrusting a camera (or anything else for that matter) in your face, instead I’ll blend in to the background (or be up a tree, hiding in a bush or anything else needed to get you that shot) and be ready to pounce like a secret ninja. I’ll be there capturing all those moments that will make you laugh and cry when you look back at your photos. All the moments you remember as well as all the ones you never knew even happened.

But I’m not just “the photographer”. I haven’t done my job right if that’s all you remember me as. I’m here for you no matter what you need; be that for wedding advice, dress straightening, buttonhole fixing, guest herding, confetti gathering or just general stress relieving and Prosecco topper-upper. I’m not there to take over your day; I’m there to celebrate it with you. To capture all the amazing genuine moments as they unfold. I’ll be right there with you; laughing, crying and throwing some badass shapes together on the dance floor (although my moves are only marginally better than dad dancing). I’m always on the ball, finding the most stunning locations, amazing lighting and all the real, raw + emotional moments. But most of all I want to celebrate and document every bit of the joy you feel on your wedding day, help everything run as smoothly as possible and capture it all in awesome photographs for you to look back on for many years to come.




My pricing is a bit like going in to your favourite sweet shop and raiding the pick’n’mix (because we’re all secretly a big kid at heart).
You can pick exactly what you want to include so your photography package is everything you want and more.

So to start, grab your sweet bag – which means you will have everything that is listed below.
Then it’s entirely up to you which extra goodies you want to add on (maybe a second photographer, a bigger album, or framed prints).
Or you can even get a smaller bag if you were interested in shorter coverage.

Pop me a message and I will ping over my snazzy price list so you can see all the possible options.


As a guide, my couples usually spend around £1,500 for full day coverage.

A proper chinwag over coffee and cake or a video chat to catch up and go over all the details. Plus you’ll always be able to contact me by e-mail or over the phone so I can answer any questions you might have in the lead up to your big day.
A couple photo shoot 4-6 weeks before your big day. Because generally people always say they don’t like being centre of attention or being in front of the camera so it’s a fab way to get to know each other and show you that being photographed isn’t actually as painful as you thought it might be!

A snazzy 20 x 16″ mounted photo from your couple shoot which doubles up as your wedding guest signing board.

No time limit! The last thing I want you thinking about on your wedding day is the time. So I don’t put a fixed time limit on your photography cover and I don’t charge extra for staying later. I’ll be there as long as you need me which as a rough guide is around 10 hours.
Unrestricted images. I don’t put a cap on how many photos you’ll receive. If there’s things happening at your wedding then I’ll keep on clicking. On average for a full wedding day you’ll receive 600-900 awesome photos.


A personalised USB folio of your high resolution, hand edited images.

An online password protected gallery (so you don’t have to share or resized hundreds of photos for Social Media)
A highlights slideshow (perfect for playing to friends and family)


I’m guessing you might have a few questions for me! So I’ve listed the most common ones below. Check out my FAQ page for more questions and answers that can help you decide if I’m the right photographer for you.

Have a different kinda question? Feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected] or give me a call on 07581 042886 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.



My style is probably best described as “documentary” meaning I will photograph your day with as little interference as possible. Basically, I capture people just as they are! With me, there will be no forced, cheesy or awkward smiles. Pinky promise! 

Definitely! I love capturing natural photos; you can totally tell the difference between a smile for the camera and a good giggle.

I don’t do fake or forced posing; your wedding photos should be all about you and be true to who you are as a person. You want your wedding photos to make you look and feel AWESOME and to be fun and natural. I want your photographs to feel like you. All of the love, laughter and happiness, all the planned moments you knew were going to happen and all of the spontaneous surprises you never expected!

I photograph real people in real moments so your photos will be a true reflection of you and your amazing day.


Absolutely! I love meeting couples and hearing all about you and your wedding plans. Just get in touch and I’ll see if I still have availability on your wedding date. Then if I do, we can meet up over a cup of coffee and have a proper chat together. We’ll have a good old natter, get to know each other, talk all about your wedding plans, I’ll show you some of my imagery and then it’s entirely up to you if you want to book me or not. No pressure whatsoever.

All that’s required is £300 booking fee to secure your booking. The remaining balance isn’t due until 4 weeks before your big day. I offer flexible payment plans so you can pay off your balance as and when you like.