Rain on your wedding day sucks

Apr 29, 2020 | Wedding Tips

Or does it?

It’s something every Bride begs the wedding gods… please don’t let it rain on my wedding day. That moment when you wake up at silly o’clock on the morning of your wedding, look out the window, see the miserable wet weather and mutter under your breath “oh balls…”.

But rain does not have to ruin your wedding!

I totally get it. We all wish for those beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine on our big day. But here’s the thing – rain on your wedding day is actually pretty cool (and it’s apparently lucky too!). Moody skies look insane in your photos, rain creates lots of drama and makes you feel a bit like a movie star.


And it’s really important to remember that the weather on your wedding does not dictate how successful your wedding is. Your wedding day is going to be totally awesome, whatever the weather! And you can’t control if it rains, hails, is foggy, sunny, hot or cold. So please don’t stress yourself out about it.

I will be armed with my trusted umbrella to keep you dry if it rains

A blanket to keep you warm if it’s cold.

A spare pair of wellies if you want to go jumping in puddles.

And a bottle of water if it’s hot.

Whatever the weather… I’ve got you. Pinky Promise.

But I know it’s sometimes easier said than done to not worry about rain on your wedding day. So here are some top tips to help ease your wedding weather woes.

1. Plan for 100% rain

I know this might sound a little bit mad, but if you’re really worried about rain on your wedding then prepare yourself for the worst and just embrace it! Make it feel fun and add rain related items in to your wedding theme. Have a stash of white umbrella’s for your guests to use, a big box of personalised waterproof poncho’s for them to wear and definitely have a pair of wellies handy for you and your partner (which also makes for brilliant jumping in puddle couple photos!). You could even swap out the traditional Prosecco post ceremony drinks for something warmer like mulled wine or mulled cider to make your guests feel all toasty if it’s cold.

2. Talk to your venue and suppliers in advance

Most venues with have a back up plan for wet weather. Even if you plan an outdoor ceremony, there will always be another option in case the weather gets in the way. Chatting to your venue before your big day can help you feel more relaxed knowing that your venue and suppliers are totally cool and capable to deal with a bit of rain. I always have a scout around of your venue before hand so I have backup plans on where we can do your group photos and your couple shots if the heavens decide to open up. Having said that, I really do recommend just going with the flow even if it’s raining! Having your couple photos outside under a cute white umbrella wearing your matching wellies will look awesome. Plus it’s a good reminder of how your wedding day truly was!

3. Be flexible with your timings

This is an easy one if you’re going for a chilled out kinda vibe to your wedding day anyway. Don’t worry about clock watching or freaking out if your timeline doesn’t quite go to plan. A little bit of flexibility will work wonders. Especially for your couple photos – if you really don’t want to brave the elements outside for your photos then that’s totally cool. I will be watching the weather like a beady eyed hawk and as soon as it stops raining I’ll grab you and we’ll run outside for your pictures. It’s good to remember that it very rarely ever rains 24/7. There will always be some point in the day where we can run outside (even if it’s just lightly spitting) so we will still get you those incredible couple photos before it starts chucking it down again.

4. Embrace it!

You can’t control the rain. But you can stop it from ruining your big day by embracing it. Your wedding day will be totally awesome regardless of the weather.


Still looking for your rain busting, puddle splashing, awesome wedding photographer? Then just give me a shout!


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