The fun continues!


Lets get designing


  1. You have your gallery link with all your awesome wedding photos!
  2. You choose 45-60 photos by clicking the heart icon and creating a favourites list – pick a good mix throughout the day (the more photos you choose the more crammed the pages will look – but you can add more pages below). Let me know when you’ve picked your favourites so I can download them.
  3. Use the form below to pick your album design options. You can pick and choose upgrades
  4. I design the album and send proofs to you within 7 days via email.
  5. You approve the album for print or make any changes you want to.
  6. I make the changes requested (if any) and send proofs back to you within 3 days.
  7. You sign off for print.
  8. I send it to the printers. Exciting!
  9. Around 4 weeks later you get your snazzy wedding album in the post!


wedding album examples





You already have a super duper album included in your package.
There are a number of different upgrades if you wanted to make it even more awesome!

Check below for what the base album includes, additional extras you can add on and choose your design!

cartoon essex wedding photography icon

10 x 10" ALBUM

Your wedding album is a super fancy coffee table perfect album with a cotton cover, lush thick matt layflat pages and a clean, beautiful design. It feels gorgeous and heavy in your hands and is a great way of showing off your wedding photos.

cartoon essex wedding photos


The base album has 10 spreads (20 pages) and can fit 45-60 photos of your choice. The base album has 10 spreads (20 single pages) but you can add additional spreads for £20 per spread. This allows you to include an extra 4-8 images per extra spread.

cartoon essex wedding present


And your wedding album is complete! After you’ve approved the design and it’s been sent for printing, it will be delivered to you in 4 weeks. If you wanted something extra for parents or grandparents, smaller identical duplicates (6×6 inches in size) can be added to your order.


1. choose your images

Choose your images via your Pixieset gallery – just “heart” the images you want to include and create a favourites list called “album”. Then simply let me know you’re ready and I’ll log in to find them. Don’t “heart” any photos you don’t want included in your album as I’ll be downloading all “hearted” photos in your favourites list and using them for your album design

2. choose your cover

Your base album comes with a beautiful cotton cover in a choice of different colours. Or you can upgrade to a leather cover for £50. 

It’s entirely up to you which colour you would like! Matching your album to your wedding colour scheme always works really nicely or you can go for something totally different. Have a nosey at the different colour options below.

3. choose your font + text

Then you choose which font you’d like for the text on the front cover.
You can either have one or two lines of text (please note there is a 25 character per line limit).
Cover printing is included (see example album above) – other print styles are available as an optional upgrade.


Before using this form, please use your online wedding photo gallery to choose 45-60 photos and pop them in to a favourites list by “hearting” the images (you can choose more photos if you purchase extra spreads below) for your album and let me know once you’re done and I’ll log in to download them.
Once you’ve done that, please fill in this form so I know exactly what cover and options you would like.

You can upgrade many options below!

Let’s get your awesome wedding photos printed in to your snazzy album!


I’ll pop an e-mail over to you confimring your choices and I’ll send you an invoice if there are any extra upgrades you’ve added on.


Don’t forget to ping me over your favourite images list so I can design your page layout! Just give me a shout if you have any questions at all.